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Basketball Wow Day!

A 'big' message from a tall man!


Christ Church children had a ‘big’ surprise today when a ‘big’ celebrity came to assembly. As loud music played the children we awestruck as the world’s tallest basketball player and the tallest man in Britain, Paul Sturgess, came into the hall. Accompanied by Mark Waters, the children learnt about Paul’s fantastic basketball career, playing for the world-renowned Harlem Globetrotters, Texas Legends and Cheshire Phoenix. However, the assembly was not just about being impressed by Paul’s basketball skills; an important message about embracing the fact that we are all different and using our differences to make a positive impact on our lives was given to the children.


Following the assembly, each class received a coaching session with Paul and Mark where they practiced their ball handling skills and took part in dribbling races and other fun activities.

It was great to see the children so excited and dedicated to learning new skills. Who knew it was possible to balance a spinning ball on top of a pencil, on top of your head!

We hope that the children will remember today as a highlight of their time at Christ Church and keep hold of Paul’s messages…

“Look after your body, eat healthily and embrace your differences. Work hard to achieve your goals and anything is possible!”


Thank you to Miss Hillier for organising such a fantastic day for all our children.  Thank you also to Paul and Mark for giving us a day to remember.


For video, click on the link below: