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Year 6

Year 6 SATS Meeting for Parents 2019

Greek Art Walk - Regency Cheltenham influenced by Greek Architecture

Greek Art Day - clay pots and patterns

Wicked Weather Watch - Arctic Quest and Climate Change

Suffragette Day

Year 5/6 Samba Drumming Club

Year 6 Book Club

Greek Drama Day Letter

Spring Term Topic Web Gods and Warriors

Spring Term Welcome Letter to Parents

"Gods and Warriors" - Spring Term 


We will be exploring why Ancient Greece has had such a long and dramatic legacy as well as working as history detectives to piece together the fragments from the past.  We are focusing on the  Ideas, beliefs, attitudes (esp. the role of women); Way of life (contrasting Athens with Sparta and grasping that ideas flourished in a society where there were so many slaves to do the hard work!); Achievements in a range of disciplines so that pupils are aware of the heights they scaled compared to other societies at the time; Legacy more than just influence on today but on other periods as well (e.g. Victorians and Tudors).  We hope to go on a walk through Cheltenham looking at the architectural influences the Greeks had throughout history. 

Cheltenham Town FC Maths Session

Science-classification of animals

Class Collective Worship - Friendship and Anti-Bullying

Thank you to Salo and Ben from TheMusicWorks for our 10 week iPad music sessions

Thank you to Salo and Ben from TheMusicWorks for our 10 week iPad music sessions  1

Making friendship bracelets

Life Education Van - A session on drugs, medicines, human body, choices, peer pressure and friendship.

Values Day - Making books for our Y1 reading buddy on Friendship/Perseverance/Respect/Compassion/Creativity

iPad Music - "The Music Works" details

iPad Music - "The Music Works" details 1
iPad Music - "The Music Works" details 2
iPad Music - "The Music Works" details 3

Waitrose Supermarket Sweep


During our visit to Waitrose, pupils explored the aisles looking for products that originate in South America.  Most of the tropical fruits were grown in Brazil with all the melons were grown in Brazil, blueberries from Chile and Brazil Nuts from Bolivia. 

We looked closely for logos for FairTrade products including chocolate/coffee/fruit and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logos on many paper, tissue and card products. 

We also found Rainforest Alliance products and many of Cadbury's chocolate bars had Cocoa Life logos on them, telling us that the areas produce has been taken from is sustainably grown. 

The most worrying find was the use of Palm Oil in hundreds of products and we only found 2 examples of sustainable palm oil (Whole Food Peanut Butter and Kingsmill Bread. 


Remembrance Day 2018 - "A Hundred Years On"

Cheltenham Literature Festival 2018

Cheltenham Literature Festival letter

Maths Art Day

Bristol Zoo Trip letter

Year 6 iPad Music sessions using Garage Band

Year 6 Samba Drumming

Autumn 2018 Topic Overview

Autumn 2018 Welcome letter to parents

Year 6 Long Term Plan 2018-2019


Beneath the Canopy - Autumn Term 

This term Year 6 are learning about the importance of the Amazon River and rainforest in S America.   The children will journey down the Amazon River exploring key features. They will discover how the rainforest ecosystem is changing, the effect it has on humans living there and explore how we can reduce our impact on rainforests, thinking about deforestation and palm oil.




Year 6 DT - The Sochy Bridge Project

Year 6 Show - Cinderella and Rockerfella

The Cheltenham Schools' Mock Trial Competition

Welcome to Year 6


The Summer Term is:


The Children's Final Term at Christ Church!

The next few weeks will be very busy with the preparation for SATs, the Cheltenham Schools' Mock Trial Competition, a Year 6 Production and the Leavers' Service.



The Year 6 Non-linear Quest 2018

Year 6 Class Quest


The children in Year 6 have been working hard on a piece of collaborative writing.


They have worked in pairs to write chapters for a non-linear quest. A non-linear story gives the reader options at the end of each chapter.


The children had a lot of fun coming up with exciting ideas and sharing them with their writing buddy.


Please read the finished quest, which is in the form of a Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation - this allows you to click on hyperlinked choices to take you to the correct chapters.



We do hope you will be able to join us on Thursday 25th January at 9:15am in the school hall.


Year 6 will be leading service for the other Junior children and parents are invited.


The school value for this term is TRUTHFULNESS, so expect this to feature prominently.

Jonathan's Jungle Visit - Thursday 28th September


Jonathan Cleverly will be visiting the Year 6 classroom to share his interest and knowledge of some of the creatures that live in the South American rainforest. He will bring a selection of amazing animals, some of which the children will be able to handle.