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Welcome back, after a sunny half term! This message has been written in sunny colours to entice the sun out a little more...


This is the second half of our summer term and, since we did a mini topic in May, we are doing another one now: Off We Go (essentially, all things transport related). Attached below is a PDF of the topic web coming home in book bags this week, in case you would like to have a look at what we are doing in school.


An exciting addition to our Monday mornings in Reception is Balanceability. An external team is coming in to deliver these sessions, which we know will be enormously beneficial to the children. They provide the bikes, so please don't fear you have to send your child in with one!


We have other exciting things coming up, which we will inform you about as soon as details are set.


Here's to a lovely summer term - their last one as Reception!


The reception team

Here we are again, after an Eggcellent Easter!


Hello to all,


We hope that you and the children had a restful break over the holidays. Despite it only being a fortnight long, the children have all come back somewhat taller and more grown-up! It's an indication of what we should expect to see during the summer term; this time of year - particularly for Reception children - is when we really see them flourish and show us what they can do. It is for this reason that we are putting every effort in to maximise school time, in order to give the children every opportunity to succeed as possible. With that in mind,  please let us remind you just how beneficial all of your efforts at home are. We understand that the schedule of a parent/guardian is busy and it may not be feasible to sit down for a twenty minute period to read. However, if it's all you can manage, a five minute slot here and there adds up and might make the difference between your child being an emerging reader and being a proficient and (most importantly) confident one. Continuing on this theme, a few of the children have been bringing in writing they have done at home. Please send in any of their efforts; we will take a copy so you can have these first masterpieces back! The children who have brought in writing thus far have been so proud to share it with the class and to have been on the receiving end of A LOT of praise and excitement from us grown ups!


You will receive a paper copy of the summer term class letter and theme map, however please find the electronic copies here for your easy perusal.


As usual, if you have any queries or things you wish to discuss, please come and speak to one of us.


The reception team 

A Warm Welcome Back


Hello all,


We sincerely hope everyone had a restful break. This term we are continuing our topic about animals, but will be focussing a little more on growth. We are also beginning a new phase in our phonics sessions; phase 4. This phase is not about acquiring any new sounds; rather we are solidifying what we have learned and are practising blending these sounds together.


We do a lot of reading in school, but ever encourage all parental efforts at home. Everything you do at home with your children is greatly appreciated and, more importantly, beneficial to their learning. Reading, in particular, is something that really seems to "click" for children at this point (and a little later on) in the term, so please try to make time for it where you can. We are also trying to find little pockets of time to read even more in school, so with a team effort of this home, we should have a class of fantastic readers by summer!


You can find a copy of the Theme Project letter near to this website post, so please refer to it as necessary. As usual, if you have any questions about anything, please come in to speak to us, or pop a note in your child's link book.


Thanks again for all of your help and support,


the Reception team

Theme Project letter [copy] (sent home on 23/2/17)

January 2017: Happy New Year!




Hoping that everyone had a lovely Christmas, we would like to say "Happy New Year" and wish all of the children a warm welcome back to reception. This year we are joined by Miss Jackson and Mrs Rees in class, who are very excited to be working with the children.


This term


We are the first class in the school,

We’re young but we know all the rules.

It’s now the New Year

And we’re ready to hear

about All Creatures Great and Small!


Can you guess what our topic is?





Merry Christmas!

I would just like to say a huge thank you for your very generous gifts. I have been truly spoilt and am overwhelmed by your lovely messages of support.  I shall miss Christ Church hugely, but will be popping back to see how your lovely children are getting on.

I wish you all the best for your future here with your children, as they continue their journey through the school. Its been great to start that wonderful journey off.

I wish you a very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.

All My Love

Mrs Danvers xxxxxxx

Let's Be Helpful!

This term we are thinking about people who help us. We have had some exciting visits from Doctors, Pharmacists, Paramedics and Fire Officers!

Dr Holdcroft came to visit!

Mrs Parikos is a Pharmacist

A visit from the Fire Officers was lots of fun for the teachers too!

We like to pretend to be helpful people too!

Our helpful people paintings!

What sort of helpful people can you see?

Picture 1
Let's be Helpful Celebration

We had lots of fun singing our songs!

Autumn Term Letter 2016