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Year 5 Long Term Plan 2017-2018

Our topic for the Summer Term is:

'The Blitz'

We will be focussing on answering the key question - What was it like to be a child in The Blitz?


We are hoping to hold an exhibition at the end of the term so that parents and other pupils can learn about this important area of our history. 


Keep checking back on our class page to see how our work towards this exhibition is progressing. 

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 Our theme for the Spring term is:


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  • Who were the Mayans?
  • Where did they come from?
  • What did they eat?
  • Did they leave any legacies behind?


We will be trying to answer these questions and many more whilst also learning about the rituals the Mayans carried out and the famous Mayan temple - Chichen Itza. We will be uncovering artefacts from the Mayan times and we are hoping to go on a trip to enrich our learning later on in the term. Details to follow at a later date. 


Monday 5th March


Year 5 had a fun filled trip to Cadbury World where we learnt many fascinating facts about the Mayans who were the first people to cultivate and consume cocoa. We dressed up as Mayan characters as well as learning about their temples, the sport of Pok-a-tok, and the Mayan creation story. We then had great fun in the 4D cinema riding roller coasters and meeting the Caramel Bunny. After lunch we went around the main exhibition where we entered the Central American Jungle and met both Mayan farmers and local Kings. Mr Cadbury then told us about the development of the company we all know so well today and how the famous chocolate is made. We then rode around in cars and met the Chuckle Beans before creating our own chocolate combinations and most importantly tasting them!


We all had a great day out and are looking forward to continuing our work on the Mayans this term. 

We loved dressing up for World Book Day as our favourite characters. Can you guess who we are?

A great hockey session with Miss Jackson from the School Sports Network

Monday 22nd January


Today we started making our Mayan Masks with Mrs King. We began by creating designs in our sketch books before the real fun of using 'Mod-rock' started. We built up our designs in layers, being careful not to make them too heavy. Our masks are now drying and we cannot wait to paint and decorate them soon.


Did you know... in the times of the Ancient Maya, the bigger your headdress the more important you were in the society!

We would like to thank everyone for our kind Christmas gifts. It was really very generous of you and we have been enjoying eating/bathing in and shopping with them over the holidays. Mrs Richards & Miss Hillier crying

Our Solar System performance

Still image for this video

Our Solar System performance to the Y1's

Gloucester Road Science Fair

New Tournament Photographs Added!


Autumn Term 1


Year 5 have been lucky enough to receive 6 weeks of Lacrosse training from the staff at Cheltenham Ladies College. It was great fun learning a new sport, especially with the use of such impressive facilities.


Tuesday 19th September


Year 5 had a great day the Mosque and Gloucester Cathedral. This was a really informative day for us all. Children learnt about 'The 5 Pillars of Islam' and were taken on a tour of the Mosque. We also learnt about the clothing that some Muslims choose to wear. We compared the layout and architecture of the Mosque with that of the Cathedral and learnt about the significance of some of the features of the Cathedral, such as the stained glass windows and the alter.

Investigating the force of gravity

Investigating the force of gravity 1
Investigating the force of gravity 2

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