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Welcome to Year 2!


Welcome back to the Summer Term and our new topic....


'Oh we do like to be beside the seaside'


We have a very busy term planned with lots of exciting things coming up. We are both very excited to get started!

Will post more information as soon as we can...


Mrs Kavanagh and Mrs Summers


A really lovely, but very HOT day at Clevedon Pier. It was fab, if not a little muddy! A big thank you to all our helpers We hoped you enjoyed yourselves! Don't forget to ask your child all about life on Clevedon Pier in Victorian times. If you are really lucky they might even show you how to 'promenade'.



This term the children are going to be investigating plants. We will be looking at how they grow from a seed and what the seeds need to grow into a healthy plant. We will be growing plants in class but if you happen to be growing anything at home, please share with the class. Photos, seed packets and petals or leaves would be of interest.

Well done to the Year 2 children that competed in the Gymnastics Competition. The children had to perform a set floor routine and a vault: there was an audience and the competition was hosted in a real gymnasium! All children showed great sportsmanship to the other competing teams and (even though we were slightly tired from an exciting evening performance of iSingpop!) we were thankful for a silver medal in the floor event, an award for passion about gymnastics and an award for self belief. Thank you to all children who took part and represented Christ Church Primary School. Photos below!
Picture 1



Homework is set on a Friday and marked in class, then filed. You may look at your child's homework folder at parents evening, if you wish. They will be set a spelling activity (sometimes there will be a short test, sometimes it will just be an activity such as a word search or crossword), a piece of maths (about a 15 minute activity) and a piece of reading comprehension. On the reading comprehension, there will be an 'extension' if your child wishes to complete more. the extension is not compulsory! All homework is set as consolidation work and does not require parental teaching or involvement. It can be completed independently by your child - but if you wish to be a part of their activity that is welcomed too. if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.




Tuesday afternoon at Leisure @ - please remember your kit.


Reading books:


Please put in the box every morning: if it needs changing, the blue box.

In RE last term, Year 2 have been learning about Islam and what being a Muslim involves. Today, we were thankful for Rayhan's Mum as she came into class and answered some questions that the children had prepared. It really brought our learning to life. Here are some of the questions that Year 2 asked in the interview:


What is the best thing about being a Muslim?

 For me, the values, the meaning and the peacefulness that I feel from religion. Perhaps for children, Eid, a celebration at the end of Ramadan!

What book do you read?

The Que'ran

Are you're friends all Muslims?

No, they are a real mix, from lots of different backgrounds!

How do Muslim's pray?

Usually with a prayer mat, a compass and we speak to Allah. Five times a day, at home or at the Mosque.

What do you eat?

We don't eat pork.

Can you speak in any different languages?

Because the Que'ran was written in Arabic, some Muslims learn to speak in Arabic.


Well done Year 2 for thinking of meaningful questions based on our studies last term and thank you to Rayhan's Mum for visiting the class.



This term our topic is Antarctica. We will be learning about where it is and what it is like, about its history and how it was explored. We will be having a go at designing our own experiments to do with materials and their properties - being mindful of the preparation and equipment the explorers over time used. Of course, we will be learning about the fascinating animals that survive there too! If you have any resources or information at home that you would like to bring in to show the class, please do. Your contributions to the children's learning are always highly valued.




Our value this term is truthfulness. Why should we tell the truth? How does telling the truth make our world, home and school a better place? Sometimes it is difficult to tell the truth. What should we do when we are worried telling the truth may get us into trouble? Being truthful is a quality that we value in everyone, throughout our lives: Year 2 will be reflecting, with the rest of the school, in assembly and in class, on why this value is important and how they can be sure to possess it as a lifelong quality.

Christmas! Year 2 have been busy in rehearsals for tonight's Christmas Carol Service. The class have all helped each other to make costumes and learn their lines.

Quill writing! We have been studying The Great Fire of London this term so we time travelled back to 1666 ... No WHSmith or gel pens! Year 2 made great Tudors and wrote well with their quills. It was so much fun!

The Playhouse Theatre- Pinnochio Workshop

Welcome to Year 2!

This Autumn term our Topic is called ‘London's Burning!'.


It has a history focus, as we will be learning all about the Great Fire of London.  We will be thinking about how it started, what life was like for people in that time and also how it changed the city of London.  We will also be finding out about key historical figures and events of the time, as well as learning about modern day fire fighters.

Our class value this term is Thankfulness: What should we be thankful for?  We will be putting this question into our everyday lives at Christchurch Primary School and we will also be thinking about what we are thankful for outside our school.

As always, our motto is Always be Kind.

Important information:


Homework is set and collected on a Wednesday.

Swimming is on a Tuesday at 1pm.

PE is on a Wednesday afternoon.

If you need to change your book, put it in the red box at the beginning of the day.