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Year 3

Year 3 greatly enjoyed and learnt lots, during our 2 hour First Aid Training on bleeding and bandaging  - led by Sarah our trainer from

St John Ambulance. 

First Aid Training - 22nd June 2017

Waitrose Experience

 Fish tasting, a cookery experience, along with a Waitrose Store Quiz

(plus a complimentary drink and snack).

Year 3 pupils creating animations using the Animator app on our Learn Pads - super evidence of creativity !

Learn Pad fun.

Exciting teaching resources and learning experiences were provided by our student teachers on Tuesday 16th May. Our class greatly enjoyed learning more about different locations around the world.

A wonderful visit from Geography B'Ed students !

Welcome to the Summer Term

The children have returned refreshed and raring to start on our final term's work in Year 3. Below are this term's information letters and curriculum overview of our exciting and final theme this year  - 

Fit as a Fiddle.


On Tuesday 28th March 2017, our class was invited to Christ Church to the Easter Experience.

This was a wonderful visit, where the children and I visited 5 Easter stations set up in church to retell the Easter story.

The children were actively involved and greatly appreciated the effort Rev Tim and his Christ Church helpers put in, to make it a very special

Easter treat for us all ! 

Easter Experience March 2017

Red Nose Day 2017

Our class Rocked and Dabbed for Comic Relief. Thank you for helping raise funds for this fantastic Charity Day !

Celtic Spy Challenge

We had an exciting visit from Year 2 B'Ed students on Thursday 9th March. They organised and  delivered an amazing history challenge, which our class greatly enjoyed ! As our focus is largely geography this term, they related it to our studies on the Roman Invasion. The children had to act as Celtic spies and earn clues to find out about their enemy's Roman town.

Spring Term Theme Homework Projects.

Spring Term Theme

TinTin Around the World

This term the Year 3's are voyaging on an adventure to learn more about the world around them! They will begin their expedition in the U.K. where they will revisit the countries and capital cities we have here, followed by identifying and locating the continents and oceans of the world. Next we set sail for Australia, where they will focus on it's wildlife, with a special focus on the Great Barrier Reef! They will also study Aboriginal art and learn about Dream Time stories. From here, its off to North America where they will encounter the Rocky mountains, Niagara Falls and much more!

An overview of this learning was sent home, along with the Spring Term letter of information.

Fingers crossed, our expedition will provide many fun learning opportunities for us all.


Presentation on the Great Barrier Reef by Petra Crofton.

Our Launch Activities - seascapes using watercolours and TinTin cartoon sketching.

Welcome to Year 3

This Autumn Term our theme is

'From Stone to Rome'.

Our Class Value is Self- Belief and Expression.

This cross curricular theme predominantly centres around Prehistoric history up to the Roman invasion and occupancy of Britain.  We will be creating cave paintings, carrying out a study of Stonehenge, designing and making Bronze and Iron Age artefacts, studying the Roman Empire and how their invasion affected Britain. The children will be working in an enquiry -based way, gathering evidence from a variety of sources and applying cross- curricular skills to deepen their knowledge and understanding. (See Theme Overview in documents list below for more information).


Our Celebration Banquet- 13/12/16 As our festive treat to the class, the Year 3 team provided the children with a Roman banquet - fit for an Emporer! The children sampled Italian meats, breads, olives, grapes, cheeses and of course drank 'red wine' and devoured stuffed doormice !! The class reinacted the invasion of Brittania, a Roman banquet and Boudicca's revolt - another quiet morning in Year 3.

Year 3 - Projects

We designed.......we made.......we conquered!!!!

Thank you for all your support in helping to produce such fabulous and unique homework projects.

Our Year 3 Roman Shields being used in an authentic way.

Roman soldiers defended themselves by forming a 'tortoise' of protection.

Year 3 Autumn Term Homework

20th September 2016

Theme Day

Year 3s designed and created 3D Stone Age Models in our school Art Room.

16th September 2016


Today we empathised into the roles of Stone Age Boy and Om. We acted out their first meeting using mime and actions!


Year 3 are  focusing on balance, rolls and pathways

Class 3 letters and information

Educational games