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Our theme for the Autumn term is

"Ancient Egypt".


Picture 1

We will be taking a journey along the River Nile, learning about its features and finding out why it was so important to the success of Ancient Egypt. We will join Howard Carter's expedition as he discovers the "wonderful things" in Tutankhamun's tomb. We will also be learning about pyramids and pharaohs, gods and the afterlife and what life was like for the Ancient Egyptians.  

Picture 1

The Ancient Egyptians enjoyed playing the board game 'Sennet'. We designed and made our own Ancient Egyptian board games. We aimed to make them educational but fun. Year 5 tested them out and then completed an evaluation sheet.

Friday 9th November

To celebrate our school's five core values we spent the day creating stained glass windows. Each window depicts one of the following values: Friendship, Respect, Perseverence, Compassion and Creativity. We enjoyed getting very sticky and can't wait to show everyone our finished windows soon.

Thursday 1st November 

We were lucky to have lots of visitors in our class today. Students from the University of Gloucestershire came to help us investigate whether the River Nile is still important to the people Egypt today. We used Google Earth to visit towns and cities located along the banks of the river to discover the many uses of this valuable natural resource.

Thursday 1st November 

Our hockey skills are improving fast. We have been practising reverse stick passes with great success! Look at the concentration on our faces!! 

Wednesday 10th October

We have been learning about 'Changing States in Materials' and what happens to the particles when this happens. Having discussed what happens when an ice cube melts and watching condensation form when steam hits a cold plate, we used our knowledge to try and explain how all these processes occur in the water cycle. We spent the afternoon working hard on our labelled diagrams and writing explanations with technical vocabulary.


Friday 5th October


Today we went to the Cheltenham Literature Festival to see performance poet Matt Goodfellow. We really enjoyed listening to his funny stories about his family and how he uses his experiences to inspire his poetry. Many of us bought copies of his book and had them signed. We have not been able to put the books down since!

Friday 28th September

Year 4 had the opportunity to experience a Samba Drum session today. We each had our own Surdo drum and learnt to play to a samba rhythm. Our instructor put words to our rhythm to help us keep our beat.

'Fish and Chips, Sausage and Chips, Fish and Chips, Sausage and Chips'


Thursday 27th September

Thursday afternoons are 'Hockey Afternoons!' We have been learning ball control skills ready to start playing in match situations. Using the Ladies College brand new astro-turf  pitch has been amazing!

Thank you CLC!

Thursday 27th September

Year 4 led the first class worship today focussing on our value for this term which is RESPECT.

We told the story of Henry Brown, a slave in America who mailed himself to freedom.

Thank you to everyone who came to watch our service, we hope you enjoyed it.

Monday 24th September

Year 4 loved painting self-portraits for our school mosaic.

We can't wait to see the result!

Monday 1oth September

Following the 2018 Cheltenham Street Art Festival, year 4 visited The Honeybourne Line tunnels to look at and admire the street art. We had to identify ten of the pictures and then find as many of the artists names as possible. Some of their names were really strange like 'Mud Rock'. Then we went back to school and Mrs Walsh's daughter taught us all how to do street art. We had a great time!

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