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Reception New Parents - September 2020

Welcome to Reception!


Welcome to Christ Church C of E Primary School and our Reception Class. I would like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm welcome to you and your child to our lovely school.


At Christ Church, we believe that starting school is a very special moment in any child’s life.  We understand that the start your child has at school is of vital importance and we recognise that all children are unique. Indeed, while for some, starting school is an exciting time of discovery and adventure, for others, it can be a nervous time too. While this is very natural, our aim is to make the transition into primary school as smooth and as positive as possible for all children and their families.


We feel that the move from pre-school to Reception is very important but in these uncertain times, we are having to be flexible when planning our transitions. As soon as the school knows more, we will be in contact to inform you of dates and arrangements.


Whatever the scenario looks like, as parents, you will be invited to meet the class teachers and teaching partners in order to hear a little more about how the first year of your child’s schooling will be organised. You will also be invited to sign up for a home visit so that the class teachers and teaching partners can meet your child in their familiar surroundings and give you the opportunity to share any important information or ask any additional questions. You will also receive a welcome pack which should answer some of your general questions about school but do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.


We look forward to working in partnership with you and welcoming you into our school family and hope that your association with Christ Church is a long and happy one.

Welcome from Mrs Pope

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Welcome Mrs Readman

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Welcome from Mrs Smart

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Transition information

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Welcome from Mrs Sheppard

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More information about the school day

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If you have any questions or queries please contact Mrs Smart on the email address below.



A big hello and welcome, we are so delighted to welcome you to the Christ Church family. We are so pleased that you will be joining us in September 2020.


Our names are Mrs Smart and Mrs Sheppard, we are going to be your class teachers in September. We are so excited to meet you all and can’t wait to watch you blossom and grow into confident, independent learners. We are going to help you learn new things and develop new skills like reading, writing your name, recognising numbers and much, much more! We are looking forward to finding out more about each of you!


Hello, my name is Mrs Smart. I am so excited that I am going to be teaching you this year. My favourite colours are turquoise and pinenjoy eating sushi and having strawberries with ice-cream. I love going on days out to the beach with my family and swimming in the sea. My favourite animals are dolphins and seahorses. See you soon!


Hello, my name is Mrs Smart. I am so excited that I am going to be teaching you this year. My favourite colours are turquoise and pink. I enjoy eating sushi and having strawberries with ice-cream. I love going on days out to the beach with my family and swimming in the sea. My favourite animals are dolphins and seahorses. Take care and see you all soon!





Hello, my name is Mrs Sheppard. My favourite colours are purple and red. I love roast chicken for my dinner. I also enjoy having a cappuccino with a slice of cake. I enjoy reading, cycling, swimming and playing tennis. I enjoy growing things in my garden with my little girl. I am looking forward to seeing you and teaching you in September.



When you start with us in Reception, you will be in 'Ladybird class'.

At Christ Church, we are very lucky to have a lovely classroom and outdoor area to play and explore in. We hope you will feel very happy and safe in our wonderful learning environment and we look forward to capturing all your ‘WOW’ moments on camera.


 The booklet below shows you what a day in the life of a Reception child at Christ Church looks like.

When you arrive at school on your first day. We will help you find your peg with your name on. This is where you can hang your coat and P.E. bag. In class you will also have your own draw so you know where to keep your things (like drawings or colourings you might do during the day).


What does our day look like in Ladybird class?

In Ladybird class we fill our day with lots of different types of learning. Sometimes you will learn things as a whole class. You will also work in small groups or work on your own with an adult. There will also be lots of chances for you to explore and learn through play with your friends.

When you start in school full-time here is what your day might look like.



During the morning we do a mixture of whole class and small group learning. If you are not working with a teacher you will have a chance to explore and play in the different areas of class and outside.







In the afternoon we might do P.E. or learn about the wider world and nature. We always have story time before we go home and have the chance to share what we have enjoyed learning that day.


Partnership between home and school

At Christ Church, we understand that when your child starts school it is an exciting and often daunting experience for both your child and you as a family. After all beginning school is a special milestone in every child’s life.


At Christ Church we pride ourselves at making the transition from preschool to Reception a smooth and memorable experience. So that when your child comes to school, they feel happy, safe and secure. Therefore, by working with you and developing a positive partnership between home and school, we will provide your child with the very best start so that they feel confident and will flourish in our care, helping them achieve their full potential and become the ‘very best they can be’.


We are as committed to supporting families as well as our children which is reflected in our school family ethos where staff, pupils and parents all know each other well. It is key that parents feel they belong at Christ Church C of E Primary. We therefore see you as an active partner in your child's education and we really value your interest and support. Our aim is to provide lots of opportunities throughout the year for parents to be involved in all aspects of school life: from helping out in classes; supporting on school trips; attending our Church, curriculum events and fabulous productions; or being a member of our parents’ group, 'Christ Church PFA'.

How can I best prepare my child for starting school?

You can help your child look forward to school by talking positively about all the fun things that will happen at school, use their teacher's name so it feels familiar and talk about the new friends they will make. You will find plenty of books at your local library that bring the school day to life, and if your child likes sticker books and playing schools with their favourite teddies – go for it!


Also, encourage your child to become more independent. Not only do young children love to be challenged, but they feel so proud of themselves when they feel they have achieved something by themselves for the first time. It also helps to promote confidence and self-esteem as well as motivation and perseverance in school.


Over the next few months encourage your child to get dressed independently; do their coat up; put their socks on; find their shoes. There are so many daily activities which can be made into games to promote your child’s independence and help them to become school ready.


It is also very helpful when children are able to recognise and find their name when they start school. Your child will have a labelled peg and draw for their belongings. It also helps during P.E. so that belongings are placed in the correct bags. Therefore, please ensure that all of your child’s possessions are well labelled - even socks!


Below there are some documents to help you prepare your child for school. You will find suggestions about how to support your child to become school ready, as well as starting school checklists.


Communication and Language

In Reception we spend a lot of time building on your child’s communication and language skills. Therefore, we provide plenty of opportunities to support your child to develop their speaking, listening, language and understanding skills. We do this through a number of ways such as roleplay, story-time, circle time and talk partners to name a few.

In the document below you will find some additional ideas to help support your child's communication and language skills this summer.


Reading and writing in Reception

In Reception your child will take part in daily phonics, reading and writing activities. You will find further information below about each area of learning, as well as useful links as to how you can support your child at home.



Once your child has started fulltime, your child will have daily Phonics sessions which will provide them with the skills for early reading and writing. Some of you may be wondering and a little confused as to what Phonics is and what does it mean?  

Well, Phonics is a way of teaching young children how to read and write. It helps children hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another in the English language. So by knowing the sounds of individual letters and how those letters sound will help children decode and build words when they are reading. Furthermore, understanding phonics will also help children know which letters to use when they are writing words.



Once your child is able to recognise letter sounds and begin blending sounds together, they will be provided with a reading book. Reading can be done in many forms, whether it’s sharing a story, you reading to your child or your child to you. There are so many advantages and benefits to reading with your child from a young age such as: widening your child’s vocabulary and language skills; improved concentration; developing imagination; spending quality time together; also it is fun! So, start sharing a story today!


The links below provide information on how to support your child with reading at home. 



For children, writing is a skill that they have to learn and like so much during their childhood, it develops gradually. All children will be at different stages with their writing when they start Reception, which is absolutely fine. Your child may be on their journey towards writing by making marks and others may be confidently producing letters and words. We will be doing lots of activities to help your child develop their fine motor and writing skills.


Maths in Reception

At Christ Church we follow the mastery in maths approach. This approach will allow your child to gain a deep understanding of maths. This enables them to acquire a secure and long-term understanding of maths that allows them to make continual progress to move onto more complex topics.  By breaking down maths skills into the smallest steps, this will allow your child to become secure in every new concept before moving on to the next.

In the document below you will find some additional ideas to help support your child's maths skills this summer.