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Monday + weekly spelling sheet

Spend at least 15 mins on Doodle Maths and/ or Doodle tables each day. Will we be mentioning your name next week?

This week we are focussing on using money. 

Today's lesson is about pounds and pence. Watch the video first.


This week we are continuing our work on the short story  'Mission Impossible'. By the end of the week the aim is to have completed your own  spy story. We would love to read your final versions.

In today's session, you need to complete two character profiles for the main characters in your story (pg 22). You then need to think about the setting for your story. (pg 23) and finally there are some top tips on using adjectives effectively in your writing (pg 24)

Weekly spellings


Children should practise their spellings on a daily basis and if possible be tested on a Friday.