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Monday & weekly spelling sheet

Spend 15 mins on Doodle Maths and/or Doodle Tables.
This week we are going to focus on Time. Today's lesson covers  the concepts hours, minutes and seconds. Click on the powerpoint first and then have a go at the worksheet. 

You will need to read the Talk for Writing story called 'Mission Possible' by Kat Pennington. It is about Pete and Polly who are twins but also spies and have amazing adventures!

After you have read the story, you will need to complete the challenge on page 7 and the 'True or False Quiz' on pages 8 and 9. If you have time, try to write a quiz of your own and test it out on your family. Good luck!

Weekly Spellings

Children should practise their spellings on a daily basis and if possible be tested on a Friday.