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Year 4 Home Learning Work for Friday 17th July (last day of term)

Send photos and documents to


Using the link below, spend 15 minutes practising with co-ordinates.


Here's a little Maths investigation for you to ponder over:

The number 18 is made up of two digits, a 1 and an 8. If you add these digits together you get the total 9.

This works for 27 as well (2 + 7 = 9) and 117 (1 + 1 + 7 = 9)

Investigate the group of numbers which have a digit total of 9.

What is the smallest number?

What is the largest? (or maybe there isn't one!)

How many numbers can you list?

Do you notice anything else about ALL the numbers you have listed?



Spend 15 minutes finding words that use the letters in SUMMER HOLIDAY. Your words must have three or more letters and be in the dictionary. You can only use letters twice if they appear in SUMMER HOLIDAY twice!

Here are two examples: MORE and HOLY

One point for each word.

YOU CAN USE A DICTIONARY, but please do not just google your answers.

How well did you do?

10 pts - fair effort

20 pts - You're on track

30 pts - Spelling star!

40 pts - You can teach the class from now on!


Here is a message from Timmy, who is on holiday already. He is hopeless at punctuation and has left most of it out completely. Re-write his message with all the correct punctuation in:


dear all i am having a great time in scotland we got here on sunday and the sun was shining brightly On monday we went walking by a beautiful lake or loch as they call them up here Dad got us really badly lost and we had to stop at a pub to ask for directions the mountain views are amazing youd really love it here see you soon timmy x




If we were all in school, today would be GAMES DAY as it is the last day of term.

So, I would like you to find a favourite board game and play it with people at home. Let me know what game you choose and who wins!