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Arts Week


Here are a few suggestions that you might like to try:

Create a Positivity Jar

Follow the instructions to create a positivity jar for you and your family. It will help you to remember how special you are!

Rainbow Baking

Bake some tasty treats and decorate with colourful rainbows! There are lots of other recipes online.


Positivity Colouring Sheets

Spend some time relaxing and colouring these pictures to stick around your house to remind you to always be positive!

Positive Art

Use paints, pencils, crayons or whatever you have at home to create some colourful, positive artwork. Maybe you could write a positive message to go in the middle of your picture...

- What positive quotes have you heard of?

- Which sayings make you feel happy?

- What are you looking forward to?

Take a look at the "Gem Pang Illustration" website for some more inspiration. 

Science at Home with Mrs B

Try these creative rainbow activities that combine science with art!



Using Textiles 

You could try some sewing to create a colourful masterpiece! You might have some bits of fabric or felt that you could use to make bunting or a collage. 

Salt Dough Sculptures

If you don't have clay or plasticine at home, salt dough is a very easy alternative for making sculptures. You can make anything out of the dough and then dry it out in the oven before painting and decorating it!