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Picture 1 Meet the Reporters!
Picture 1 Meeting Ben Hooper!
Picture 2 The final sprint at the Prince of Wales Stadium
Picture 3 Story time in the Reflection Garden
Picture 4 Reporting on Christ Church Junior Bake-off

Calling all budding reporters – The Buzz needs you!

The Buzz is Christ Church Primary School children’s magazine. It was started in 2013 when News Club was set up.


News Club, which has approximately 10 children from Year 5 and Year 6, meets once a week, and these young reporters create much of the content of The Buzz. The editors and designers are parents: Janet van der Meulen, Natalie Wheeler, David van der Meulen and Jane Farrar.


The magazine reflects activities that children have enjoyed both in and out of school as well as recipes, reviews, interviews and competitions.  We always like to use photos alongside the articles, too. The Buzz is published once a term, when News Club reporters sell copies for £1 in the playground.


Could you report for The Buzz?

The Buzz also welcomes ideas and articles from children across all school years. Do you have an activity or a hobby you want to write about? Do you know somebody inspiring that we could interview? Have you seen a great film or read an amazing book? If so, why not send us a review, with a photo to accompany it?


Please contact via email Janet or Natalie if you have any questions or ideas you would like The Buzz to consider;